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Board of directors MYG Global Inc.

Horst G Ludwig

Founder & Lead Strategist

Economist / Technologist

with 30 years of experience in international consultancy in finance, trade, privatization, interbanking, institutions and industries and direct involvement in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Founder, promotor and supporter of NGO activism against environment threat, poverty, debt capitalism and obsolete democratic structures.

Horst, simultaneously to leading the strategies of MYG Holding is founder and CEO of Quantum Passenger SL, DLT development, datamining and processing, My Gold Coin Ltd., UK and MILA SA, e commerce development.

Horst is a promoter and supporter of talented computer science, hardware- and software engineers, the initiator of certificated cryptocurrency org, the initiator of Cata-bit-coin and a science and technology enthusiast involved in futuristic paradigm changes to come.


MYG Operations 

Branches and partner structures

Our development and data processing partner
Quantum Passenger

Horst G Ludwig


Ricard Reyes

Director of facility

Ramón Gabernet

Company Secretary

Carlos Mayorga

Lead developer

Marcos Mayorga

Lead developer

Marc Gubau

Product Administrator


Johannesburg, South Africa


John Kenneth Little


John Kenneth Little is co founder of MYG South Africa and in charge of the industrial arm of the MYG Group of affairs. He founded in South Africa Environmental Wealth Pty and Powders and Metals Pty and delivered 3 years of proof of work and proof of concept to the token construction of Quantum Passenger SL in Spain. All subjects being merged into MYG Operations Pty Ltd, Johannesburg after feasibility studies and financial schedules and Operations being leaded by Mr. Little and Mr. Ludwig.

John Kenneth Little is an entrepreneur with 30 years of market experience and shares the philosophy of turning the MyGoldCoin token into a powerful market and environment instrument. He worked before in IT branches, recycling technologies, green energy and many other environment related issues.

Both, Ludwig & Little, working on concept since 2016 and, simultaneously to token launch, registered MYG Operations Pty Ltd in Johannesburg by April 2019, having assured a massive action on environment, social development and green industrial activities in size of 20 billion USD for the next 20 years to come. 


Horst G. Ludwig


MYG Operations Pty Ltd working environment is
a) A 2,3 billion USD potential of recycling ferrochrome dumps from Glencore mining in South Africa

b) The recovery, recycling and processing of aluminum, vanadium, cobalt, rare metals and minerals, turning waste from recycling and processing into useful products such as street layers, bricks, etc 

c) The global exploration of an organic coal binder (patended) which will end pollution of carbon particles from coal slurries in soil, water and air 

d) The recovery and detoxication of water reservoirs 

e) The development of mining regions recovery into farmland, villages, hospitals, schools

f) The management of mining concessions available 

g) The installment of green energy mobile plant

h) The establishment of national and international joint ventures on behalf of the MYG Group

And will be expanded according to the growth of MYG Group activities


Delaware, USA


South Africa

Our first investment is South Africa with aprox. 25.000 mining dumps under open sky. The elimination of those is beneficial under the terms of recycling, separation and processing. A wide range of valuable metals and minerals producing the necessary capital stock for re investments into green industries, infrastructures and housing. Another 10% of income is donated into schools, kindergardens and hospitals.Our partner in South Africa is dedicated to metal processing from prime and waste materials.

MYG Revenues are made from

Infrastructure, housing, general constructions
Environment and educational developments
Donation into social development


Our first project in Europe has been and is green data processing development on behalf of Quantum Passenger SL. This is primarily dedicated to blockchain data mining, which is consuming electricity by non-sustainable means. The solution package including autonomous energy from sustainable and green sources, new blockchain developments consuming much less energy and blockchain products which will not require oversized processing and data management.

MYG Revenues are made from

Data processing, mining
Green data processing
Consultancy and service


South America

The replication of the South Africa experience within Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile


• The metal and mineral exchange platform on the fastest and lightest blockchain ever build
• The exploration of patents and developments dedicated to environment and society
• The expansion into ocean cleaning, waste management
• The recovery of drinking water

The MYG community

Many token holders are entrepreneurs and companies dedicated to green technologies and social development. They find support, finance, professional guidance at MYG and give back to the general health of the MYG future.

Other token holders are non-profit organizations agree to one big global muscle, understanding that isolated activities are leading to nowhere and that needed funds can be easily gained by participating in the MYG community.

MYG is nonpolitical, non-religious and non-conformist with policies made to protect the big polluters. Although many token holders are in because of annual ROIs very attractive, MYG mission is beyond and above this with a purpose you can easily attach to. Our way of fixing problems is by solutions, vivid examples and education of new models without forgetting about the economy.

NGO and government relationships connected

Healing Africa Foundation (South Africa)

One Nation (UK)

Families Associated (Spain)

Ministries of Environment

Ministries of Development

Chambers of commerce

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