Price Stability
Volatility Control
Capital guarantee

1. Although you could trade your MyGoldCoin very soon on a dedicated Exchange we encourage you not to do so. The value increase of MyGoldCoin is made by corporate success and NOT by screen gambling, betting or speculation. Our net profit calculation for 2019 is based on results of 2018. See “Auditing”

2. Dividends will be reflected quarterly and each user informed individually, collectively and on live stream of our dApp, when ready by June 2019.

3. Your initial capital is safe by the equities we have and increasing while expanding and growing. The more value has been audited as a result of production the more stock and market appreciation MyGoldCoin is going to have.

4. Price stability is made by our unique formula of accounting all results into daily Gold price and additional methods of responding to inflationary or hyper inflationary conduct of currencies. Limitation of tokens (shares) offered to the public is one of those, the installment and accumulation of value deposits another.

5. You will have your personal MyGoldCoin online wallet for safe storage and receipt of your dividends. Nobody will have access to your account but you. Protected by login password and authentication password you are entirely responsible for any loss. Nobody can hack you or steal your tokens because we control it on blockchain and even if hacked it becomes useless. 

6. The benefits of this massive ventures are made by the elimination of thousands of stock piles of mining dumps and a wide range of strategic metals and other proceeds resulting in gains to everybody involved. Ferrochrome, Vanadium, Cobalt, Platinum, Gold, Coal pellets are some of them. This variety of proceeds serving as a stabilizing factor to the MyGoldCoin value. All other values achieved are given back to society, such as farm land, hydraulic system recovered, air pollution eliminated and recovery of social development. In return MyGoldCoin receiving a quality grade and public appreciation which will also serve to maintain growth and value of the very same tokenized share.

7.Beside the possibility to follow the tokens by etherscan you may observe the activities of MYG on behalf of VR/AR after the environment of the internet increased to Web3. Until this moment we expose visuals on our gallery in your affiliate area.

8. MYG token development and maintenance: Quantum Passenger SL, Spain, blockchain development. Belonging to the MYG Global Inc group, Quantum Passenger acting on behalf of MYG by lawful, by financial and by social means.


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