MyGoldCoin is refuge for cryptos and fiat money

If the refuge for fiat currencies is gold and precious stones MYG (My Gold Coin) is the refuge of cryptotokens, coins and the fiat currencies. This is not the only meaning of a free market security, it is lead and it does meet with peoples understanding of a value refuge.

STOs (Security Token Offerings) are consequently the replacement of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and offering a deeper involvement with the project and its assets on the same blockchain construct formerly abused by weak to non performing ICOs.

MYG also advances possible recessions in both, the fiat and the crypto world while acting perfectly within the safety of a permissionless, trustless and proven blockchain construct.

Made simple, one MYG is like one share in active market and in its growth potential while an ICO coin and even established altcoins are still nothing but a promise.

By definition this free market security token is superior to a banking security because of direct response. Banking securities are finally not more but side products to the financial industries.

There Are Three Types of Securities. Equity securities are shares of a corporation. You can buy stocks of a company through a broker (now directly). Debt securities are loans, called bonds, made to a company or a country. Derivative securities are based upon the value of underlying stocks, bonds or other assets. Obviously the most dynamic and positive is equity.

While you have to feed entire clubs of agents, brokers, intermediates, registrations and the retail bankers you can get involved from home, from sofa with MYG and enjoy the same safety rules you expect to achieve from serious market partners. So can any investment banker directly.

BLOCKCHAIN is the public register!

Subject to its consensus, vast amount of re confirmations on the veracity of transactions and its indestructible ledger books in the blockchain, the biggest safety concern is already solved. The smart contract/s integrated defining market share, business share or any other mission attached to such a token. In this case, a share in a massive and diverse range of pure metal productions of the My Gold Coin Holdings PLC and its integrated partners.

The way blockchain technology evolves traditional places such as stock exchange are going to be replaced. My Gold Coin is one of the first channels for present and future involvement, projects such as Polymath offering to replace stock exchange in full.

Why do firms sell equities (shares?)

Blockchain or Stock Exchange registered shares are offered in order to increase value and working capital of firms mainly under expansion. The difference in stock exchange listing is that the owner of the share purchased has no responsible party to address to, but a long chain of players sending responsibility in circles and charging a lot. The other difference is that good companies are not even listed on stock exchange because of its extremely time and cost consuming processes involved. Quote me, please “Business is done before firms showing up on stock exchange” and our blockchain construct is making an end to it.

Better control, faster action, safer than ever before  

Under the false presumption that all financial rules are made to protect the owner of such financial tools, ie investors, savers, buyers, sellers we best know that the financial industry does protect its own interests, often pompously overdoing. External and independent auditing is but the only senseful remedy applied and so does blockchain based My Gold Coin, as well as all required registrations of activities.

You buy the shares (MYG), you store them in your cold or online wallet and you act whenever you feel the need to. You never have to call a broker to buy or sell share. 

What is behind My Gold Coin ?

The production of many pure or strategical metals gained by modern recycling methods, which is not only very beneficial, but it does remove all those toxic and ugly mountains mining corps have left and giving agricultural land back to society. It will expand soon to neighboring countries but also to Russia and South America, since the positive effects on environment and society is much more but added value. 

How many My Gold Coins existing?

The equational model of blockchain based encrypted ledgers is set to 10 million units of MYG at face value of 1g gold / 39 USD per token (share). A first emission of 1 million tokens has been programmed but there will be no more but 4.999.999 of MYG in the market in order to cut bad speculation or mass possession. The 50% plus 1 unit remaining to provide stability and a reserve power.

Will My Gold Coin list?

Indeed, it will list in public blockchain and on such stock exchange having adopted to the new era of data management. It will be also listed on exchange.

The Blockchain of My Gold Coin

Based on proven blockchain of Ethereum with its ever growing environment of smart contract integration. The chain is powered by Quantum Passenger SL in Spain and from there to be developed into it’s own advanced blockchain with a mineral and metal exchange platform. The MYG token is to index this global activity and will be in consequence the measurement of gold, fiat money, cryptomoney and trade in one stable value.


All relevant registrations: government, merchant register, industrial and mining registers of all parties involved.


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