My Gold Coin Environment
and social commitment

Our first commitment is with the elimination of toxic, ugly and extensive mining dumps polluting soil, water system and by competent engineering.

Our second commitment is with those NGOs / NPCs interested in recovery of agriculture and social development in former mining areas, including housing, infra structure, education and development of productivity.

Our channel for a variety of national and local NGOs and help-yourself-groups in South Africa is the Healing Africa Foundation a trusted NPC (Non Profit Corporation) with sufficient experience and knowledge to manage within a society shaken by unrest, over population, crime, water shortage and run by a hard working government gladly receiving international support. Although the mining residue regulations existing reality looks still like this:

But we are not limited to South Africa only. Mining and deforestation as one of the principal reasons to landslides and massive destruction of habitable land has led to over 80.000 hot spots on earth. Therefore we committed ourselves to such nation requesting support and solutions in regions or locations of emergency.

We commit to ASFAMLAT (Latin Family Associated) which is taking care of the severe drinking water situation and being capable of recovering 200 million cubic tons of drinking water per year and per country of 50 million habitants. Its “National Network of Washing without Water” fixes a problem and employ potentially 30.000 workers per country or state this size. More info

My Gold Coin next connections and solutions:

  • New bio packing materials from organic resources

Let’s do it!

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